Foretaste Nº 3

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Together & Daniël van der Winden

We met Daniël (partner at Bakken & Bæck, where he’s running the Amsterdam office) a few years ago when Joachim got an invitation to talk at Bakken & Bæck’s first DDD event about Belonging, an evening where one developer, one designer and one thinker is sharing ‘daydreams, observations and experiments’. We stayed connected ever since and always got inspired by the things that entered the world via the BB channels. It’s an honour to have Daniël in our little group, and sharing his Foretaste here. Enjoy!


Dipping my toes in multiple projects at work. Designing, writing, and trying to maintain a sense of connection between everyone on the team.

Currently reading

I always read a few things at a time. Some fiction to wind down with at night, and some non-fiction to start the day. I just finished Svetlana Alexievich’s “Chernobyl Prayer”, which is beautiful, sad and … insane.

A while ago, I finished “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson, and Isaac Babel’s “Red Cavalry” and “Odessa Tales”.

I’m currently reading “The Invention of Nature”—a biography of Alexander von Humboldt, written by Andrea Wulf—an excellent travel replacement!

Currently watching

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve re-watched “Breaking Bad”. I was really into “Better Call Saul” and its final season is coming this year, so wanted to immerse myself in the universe again.
I’m also watching season 4 of “Fargo”. It’s not as good as the first 3, but enjoyable nonetheless!

Currently listening

MF Doom†, of course. Other things I’ve had mostly on repeat in 2021 so far are Madlib’s “Sound Ancestors”, Fontaines D.C.’s “A Hero’s Death” and Navy Blue’s “Song of Sage: Post Panic!”. Different moods, and all really good music.

Currently eating

So, I’m a big fan of Bueno’s. I had about 30 of them jokingly gifted to me in December and I’m still nibbling away 😋

On a more serious and … responsible note, I recently tried Choux’s 5-course take-away dinner which I can highly recommend!

Currently drinking

Kombucha from Butcha. January was non-alcoholic, and this has been a very worthy replacement. If you’re into wine, the mix from 2P I picked up at Troppo Giovane was a nice surprise!

Currently obsessed about

Kelly Reichardt. She became one of my favourite directors in a blink of an eye. Start with “Old Joy”, then move on to “Wendy and Lucy”, make your way through the desert with “Meek’s Cutoff”, enjoy “Certain Women”, and finish with “First Cow”. And then watch that one twice.

Currently distracted by

Hades on the Nintendo Switch, a delightful and funny game. I can never really seem to work games into my routine very easily, so they mostly distract me at times I can’t pick them up, but I’m aiming to sink quite a bit of time and effort into this one.

Currently trying to avoid

Large groups of people 😂

Or, letting COVID get to my head. Taking things one day at a time, avoiding reading the news too much…

Currently frightened by

The largest ever study of facial-recognition data showing how much the rise of deep learning has fueled a loss of privacy. On MIT Technology Review.

Currently fulfilled with


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